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Postnatal Care

Moms 1004, trusted by the mother.
Moms 1004, which gives the baby's health and comfort with love.
Moms 1004, which touches the mother.

About us

Premium postpartum care service

Moms1004 is a postnatal care service catering to new mothers and infants across North America, including regions such as Northern California, San Francisco, and San Jose. We are here to alleviate the uncertainties of first-time parenthood and the challenges of newborn care. Our skilled postnatal caregivers visit your home directly to provide the necessary support. With our extensive experience and know-how, we are committed to offering the best service filled with love and care for the health of the mother and baby. We strive to be an Moms1004 that brings a touching experience to all mothers. We offer the best maternal inspiration service due to our extensive professional experience and knowledge in prenatal and postpartum care for mothers. Through our own professional manpower and outsourced education, we have established a systematic and professional postpartum care program, and we provide various postpartum care with elegant postpartum care experts who have been with us for a long time.


What every mother needs

Newborn care

Newborn diary entry and management, neonatal temperature measurement, neonatal massage (helps with newborn growth, emotional stability and cranial nerve development), bath and navel management, baby bottle disinfection, milk bottle management, neonatal clothing laundry

Maternal care

Postpartum edema management, breast massage (prevention of breast fat), lactation assistance, sitting bath (promotion of perineal pain and wound healing), foot bath (promotion of swelling) blood circulation, maternal hygiene management, nutrition, and meal preparation

Simple housework

Simple cleaning (baby room), daily washing, and a clean kitchen

Other Family Care

Packing snacks and meals, doing simple laundry, and organizing toys


The minimum period of service is two weeks.

The three basic family members are a mother, her husband, and a newborn. If there is another family member, there will be an additional charge.
😊5 days work week.
The work schedule is 5 days a week, regardless of the day of the week.

$1,600/ week
  • Service fee $1,300
  • Deposit $300
  • Total $1,600
$1,350/ week
  • Service fee $1,050
  • Deposit $300
  • Total $1,350
Additional Service Fee

Please note that additional fees are to be paid in full to the postpartum care specialist. It's important to understand that additional services are not optional but mandatory, so it's essential to review and confirm them in the contract when applicable. The commuting distance for the postpartum care specialist is limited to close proximity. During the live-in service, a 3-hour resting period is provided, offering opportunities for rest, sleep, and even some light exercise like jogging. Additionally, commuting involves a 1-hour break. Long-distance travel expenses, such as airfare and transportation fees, are the responsibility of the mother, excluding areas like San Jose and San Francisco. Please be aware that working hours and services may be subject to change. If you're considering extending the service period, we kindly request that you contact Moms1004 before 50% of the service period has elapsed. For inquiries regarding twins, please don't hesitate to reach out.


Live-in postpartum caregiver

Commuting caregiver







Infant Care Service

The minimum period of service is four weeks.

$1,300/ week
  • Service fee $1,100
  • Deposit $200
  • Total $1,300

📢 If you cancel without any special reason after signing the contract, no refund will be provided. However, in cases of miscarriage or premature birth, a full refund will be issued. Please refer to the contract for more details.